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    1. 0631-3853698


      Weihai Helen New-Material Technology Co., Ltd. participated in 2023 Vietnam (Hanoi) International Plastics Industry Exhibition


      2023 Hanoi International Plastics&Rubber Industry Exhibition

      Show time:8th June to 11st June

      Address:Hanoi International Center For Exhibiton (I.C.E)


         On June 8-11, 2023, the 11th Vietnam (Hanoi) International Plastics Industry Exhibition was held in Hanoi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Vietnam. This exhibition is the first time for our company to participate in foreign chemical industry comprehensive exhibition. Through this exhibition, we showed the main products of Weihai Helen to the customers, and collected potential customer information through on-site exchanges to further understand the latest market situation of halogen-free flame retardants in Vietnam, laying the foundation for developing overseas markets.


              WEIHAI HELEN sincerely thanks every friend who visited our booth during the plastic expo, we will move the pace of progress quickly because your attention.In the future, we will continue to work hard, focus on customer demands and continue to create more high-quality products with ingenuity. Thanks for your attention and accompany again.Looking forward to meet you again!



      聯系電話:    0631-3853698


      企業地址:       山東省威海市乳山市經濟開發區??诼?號

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