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    1. 0631-3853698


      Weihai Helen New-Material Technology Co., Ltd. participated in 2023 Malaysia International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition


      2023 Malaysia International Fair

      Show time:13th July to 15th July 

      Address:Malaysia International Trade &Exhibition Centre


             On July 15, 2023, the Malaysia International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition came to a successful end at the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre! Through careful preparation, Weihai Helen New Material Technology Co., LTD. with exquisite technical standards and high quality halogen-free flame retardant products, attracted many foreign merchants consult and negotiate. This is not only a feast of the industry, but also a harvest of the journey. Weihai Helen will fully play to the role of enterprise engine, promote the deep integration of the industrial chain in the future development, to achieve the mutual benefit of all partners in the industrial chain.



      聯系電話:    0631-3853698


      企業地址:       山東省威海市乳山市經濟開發區??诼?號

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